Many of us at Infrastructure.Net have years of experience implementing infrastructure and facilities management solutions. After listening to customers curse about the complexity and high entry costs of many of these systems for years, we decided that the time had come to use our experience coupled with the Internet and technology advances to develop and deliver the most comprehensive, cost effective solution ever devised in the infrastructure and facilities management marketplace.

When we started Infrastructure.Net, we set out to address what many customers view as inadequacies in traditional infrastructure and facilities management solutions. Specifically, cost, usability and time to implement. At Infrastructure.Net, you won’t find bloated start up costs and uncomfortable financial commitments. What you will find is a comprehensive, easy to use set of business processes and management reports that help you achieve real results in a matter of weeks – not months or years.

Infrastructure.Net is more than an online service, it is a vibrant cooperative community dedicated to delivering industry leading infrastructure and facilities management solutions at a reasonable cost. By establishing an online network of industry professionals, Infrastructure.Net endeavors to develop a complete infrastructure and facilities management solution that is effectively developed and maintained by the community itself.

Our community includes customers, solution providers, business process experts and technologists who, through effective communication and dedication to the betterment of the industry, work together to deliver the best infrastructure management solutions. There truly is power in numbers and when people work together good things happen. In this way, when Infrastructure.Net is extended for one group, those benefits can be leveraged and realized by all at a fraction of the cost of traditional software resale models.

We Only Succeed If You Succeed

At Infrastructure.Net, we want you to be with us well into the future as we work together to bring vision, efficiency and real cost savings to your infrastructure and facilities management efforts. By providing you the option of a “pay as you go” solution, Infrastructure.Net illustrates that our commitment to you, our customer, is greater than mere words. In short, we only succeed if you succeed and we put servicing your needs at the top of our priority list every day.

An overview of the tools, concepts and capabilities of the Infrastructure.Net iDN CAFM system