Web Portal

iDN Secure Web Portal

With infrastructure.net cloud based web portal system we look after all aspects of the Information Technology (IT). Utilizing a SAS 70 ultra secure data center with full redundancy and elastic processor, storage and RAM expansion capability provides fast access from any device from anywhere.

infrastructure.net uses industry standard Microsoft dot Net architecture, encapsulated in unique VMware Virtual Servers offering the highest level of control, security and flexibility, with no IT headaches or costs.

iDN Building Explorer

The infrastructure.net Building Explorer visual interface provide the main access point for viewing drawings, publishing marketing flyers or preparing CAD files for sharing in a wide variety of popular formats. The “big button” menu options for our iPad and Windows applications make it effortless for even very casual users to locate and access any workplace.

 iDN12 Portal Dashboard

You never have to be without access to the information and resources that are the lifeblood of your enterprise. IDN’s dashboard interface makes it easy to incorporate simplicity and optimization into your workflows. Upload data, add Users, and create new Reports with minimal training, get the reports you need fast and add them to the menu with one click.

A common database for multiple users to access from anywhere. 

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