Building Explorer Guide

The Building Explorer is the centerpiece of the iDN facilities and property management system, most users will interact with the system with the Building Explorer as the starting point. It provides details about each of the buildings in an organization’s portfolio whether they are the owner, a tenant or a landlord. On the left is a searchable list of all buildings while on the right are the details about the facility including multiple images, a Google Map and any related building documents. When scrolling down the right panel you will have access to the Floors that are owned by the building, including the roof and parking plans if need be. Once at a selected Floor, a Pro Users can launch the iDN Drawing Explorer to zoom, pan and interact with layers, dynamic queries and space data as well as produce Marketing Flyer and various Space and Suite reports and graphics.

The Free Building Explorer can provide unlimited storage and easy access to any type of static document including CAD Plans, PDF files of Suite Plans, Lease Documents, Site Plans and more. The system is easily customized to track any amount of required data. Move your mouse around the interface to see the various functions that are available.